by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

About Me

Captain Airyca - The Captain's Log -

Hello Internet! Captain Airyca here! You can also just call me Erica. Captain Airyca is my internet name from back in the day when we didn’t post our real name on the internet.

I live in the PNW with my husband, Cameron, and our two kiddos. Most of what I enjoy talking about and sharing on the internet is related to the outdoors. I love knives, backpacks, the Alone Show, books, photography, and gardening. Being connected to nature is really important to me – and I hope it is to you too! I love making videos of our outdoor adventures and post them to YouTube.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by, and hit up my contact page if you want to chat!

Incandescence Press | An independent publishing company based in Eugene, OR | | via The Captain's Log

This is my personal blog – but I also have other stuff going on. Cameron and I own a publishing company called Incandescence Press. If you’re looking for something new to read, you should check out our books! We have published three wildly different, (but amazing) books so far. This is our dream project and we’d love your support!