by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Airyca’s Favorite Things #2 – Columbia Jacket

Airyca's Favorite Things #2 - Columbia Jacket | The Captain's Log |

I hate being cold. Thank goodness for my next “favorite thing”. I got my Columbia jacket a few years ago at a sweet REI clearance sale. I really didn’t have a ton of money at the time, but I had always wanted one, so I splurged for it. It’s been one of the best gear purchases I’ve made. It’s amazing what a difference a decent jacket can do for you. I had always just worn lots of layers when it was cold out, but they were never as efficient as a jacket that is designed for the cold.

Airyca's Favorite Things #2 - Columbia Jacket | The Captain's Log |
I <3 my Columbia jacket and America.

I find that this particular jacket is best for below 50 degrees (F) or so. Once you get down to below 30, adding a polar fleece sweater underneath helps, then you’re good for 15-20 degrees. Now if it gets that cold you need some layers on your legs too, but this post isn’t about those.

One thing that is really sweet about this jacket is that it’s 2 layers, there’s a down jacket, and then a wind breaker shell. The shell is water resistant, and I wouldn’t use it as a rain jacket necessarily, but it does well in inclement weather. The down jacket happens to be this bright green that I love very much. The coolest feature about it though, is the spandexy hand covers that come out from the sleeve. You slip your thumb into them and then put gloves over that, and then you don’t get snow up your sleeve onto your arm! Pretty awesome.

Airyca's Favorite Things #2 - Columbia Jacket | The Captain's Log |
Note the spandexy hand covers!

The shell is great on it’s own for warmer weather too, and it blocks wind nicely. It’s soft and comfy. Inside the bottom of the shell there is an elastic band that hugs your body, so air doesn’t blow up your jacket as easy, which makes it much warmer.

The pockets and zippers of the coat are located in great spots and work great. It transformed my comfort outdoors, I wear the lighter, more comfortable Columbia jacket instead of my 3 sweatshirts and a crappy jacket and be warmer. Worth every penny!

***The favorite things posts are in no particular order, however the items chosen are specifically chosen to be on this “list”.

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