by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone: The Skills Challenge Contestants Social Media List

But wait, there’s more! History is also going to be airing a new Alone show spin off called ALONE: The Skills Challenge! It will be a 12 episode season, starting on August 4th at 10:30 p.m. (10 .pm. each week after)

From the news release:

Each episode of “Alone: The Skills Challenge” will feature three former participants from ‘Alone’ competing in survival build challenges devised by another former participant. Using only basic tools and the natural resources around them, only one survivalist will be deemed the winner, proving they have the skills needed to thrive in the wilderness. Competitors will be judged on their ingenuity, execution, and completion of each task. From elevated shelters to hand-crafted ovens to watercraft, each episode is self-filmed by the survivalists and will feature some of the most impressive builds ever seen.

A&E Networks

So this is definitely a different show – and we get to see former contestants again, like Alone: Frozen but they’re going to have objectives and challenges! It should be pretty neat to watch.

Every season, I make an effort to post the links to the participants public social media pages and websites in one place so that you can find them easily. I am in no way associated with the History Channel, the production crew, anything like that. I just think this show is rad!

FYI: if you post on social media about the Alone show use the #AloneShow and #Aloneskillschallenge so people can see your posts.

Callie North (Season 3)

Website / YouTubeInstagram / Alone Show Bio

Lucas Miller (Season 1)

 FacebookInstagram / Alone Show Bio

Amós Rodriguez (Season 7)

Website / Instagram / Facebook / Alone Show Bio

Britt Ahart (Season 3 & 5)

Twitter / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Jordan Jonas (Season 6)

Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

Joel Van Der Loon (Season 7)

Website / Instagram / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

Clay Hayes (Season 8)

Website / Instagram / FacebookYouTube / Alone Show Bio

Looking to apply for the next seasons of Alone? You can email their casting team here. (pro tip: It NEVER costs money to apply for Alone. Beware of scams!)

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