by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 10

Heck yeah! Time for season 10 of Alone on the History Channel! Season 10 will be airing on Thursday, June 8th at 9/8c.

What is Alone? Here’s a quick recap: 10 people are dropped off out into the middle of nowhere (Northern Saskatchewan, Canada) to survive by themselves AND film themselves (no camera crew!!) for the grand prize of $500,000. Whomever survives the longest wins. Each participant has no clue how long the others have been out there, and one can “tap out” if you can’t take it anymore. They take 10 items from small gear list of their choosing to help survive in the wilderness. It’s the most legit survival show on TV.

Every season, I make an effort to post the links to the participants public social media pages and websites in one place so that you can find them easily. I am in no way associated with the History Channel, the production crew, anything like that. I just think this show is rad! I post their bios from the History website in .pdf form because History used to delete the web pages for each season. They’ve stopped doing that but I like to save them just in case.

FYI: if you post on social media about the Alone show use the tag #AloneShow and #AloneOnHistory so people can see your posts. Also, there is a really good Facebook group for Alone fans called ALONE Series if you are interested in more discussion about the show.

Alan Tenta

Instagram / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

James “Wyatt” Black

Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Mikey Helton

YouTube / Facebook / Alone Show Bio

Melanie Sawyer

Website / Website 2 / Instagram / YouTube / TikTok / Alone Show Bio

Tarcisio “Taz” Ramos Dos Santos

Instagram / Instagram 2 / Alone Show Bio

Cade Cole

Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Jodi Rose

Instagram / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

Luke Joesph Olsen

Website / Instagram / Instagram 2 / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

Ann Rosenquist

Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Lee Ray DeWilde

Alone Show Bio

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