by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

10 Outdoors Gift Ideas Under $25 [Bushcraft, Survival, Hiking, Camping]

Christmas is just around the corner! Have you gotten all of your gifts situated for your family? Here’s some inexpensive/cheaper ideas for that outdoorsy person in your life. I own all of the items and they are tried and true! These are gifts that make going out to the woods just a little bit nicer.

This post contains some affiliate links that support my blog and YouTube channel. Feel free to message me with any questions! 

1.The Classic 32 oz Nalgene 

Water is life! Nalgenes are simple, made in the USA, durable, and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Need I say more?

I happen to own the glow in the dark version, but there are tons of color choices.

2. Iron Clad General Utility Gloves 

Why did I choose these ones in particular? They’re super comfortable. In between the fingers are a spandex material, so you really have a lot of dexterity. Are these the bomb-proof magical gloves that you should wear in the apocalypse? Probably not. But they’re perfect for a jaunt to the woods!

Mine are camo. I think they generally come in black, but I’ve had these forever.

3. The Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Knife 

A solid knife under $20 bucks? Heck yeah! I usually don’t recommend buying knifes for folks unless you really know what they want, but if you’re trying to convert them to the knife life, this is a good start without breaking the bank. It’s functional, comfy to hold, and has a nice blade shape for going to the woods. It also comes in blue, pink, green, and some other colors!

Mine is black and tan, but there are a few color options to pick from.

4. Foraging and/or Hiking Books

When it comes to outdoors activities, sometimes it’s nice to have an actual book in your hand. Especially when you’re learning something knew. Foraging is a super fun outdoor activity for all ages and these books in particular have made my experience easy and fun. I also enjoy being able to plan my next hiking trip, you can get a hiking book for almost any area.

LINKS: The Foragers Harvest / Edible Wild Plants / 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades

If I had to pick one, Edible Wild Plants is a beautiful book and I’ve loved using it.

5. Foraging Bandana 

While we’re on the subject, this is a cool new product that Wazoo Survival released. The Foraging Bandana is was designed by Nicole Apelian and Mark Merriweather, who are experts in the field of foraging for wild plants and herbal medicine. Nicole is from Season 2 and 5 of the Alone Show, and if you know anything about me, I’m obsessed with that show!! This is a high quality handkerchief that has so many uses in a survival situation. It’s pretty too. 

Nicole gave this one to me herself! It is extra special but I still use it. No sense in letting it collect dust!

6. Rite-in-Rain Notepads 

When you’re outside, sometimes having an “analogue” way to record things is a the best way to go. I always have at least one of these with me and they’ve been super useful!

The two I currently use.

7. The Hidden Woodsmen Possibles Pouch 

The possibilities are endless! Haha! These pouches are handmade in the USA and are perfect for organizing your pack. They come in a variety of colors too!

Can you guess my favorite color?

8. Bahco Laplander Folding Saw 

This is a lightweight, durable, awesome saw. It’s a great way to make gathering firewood more efficient. I like saws because they tend to be a little safer if you’re more of a novice to using woods tools, and can be packed around super easy. 

As you can see, mine is used pretty regularly!

9. Hydro Flask 

Okay, now this one is pushing it on the budget, but I can’t help but throw it on the list. Hydro Flasks are by far the best insulated water bottles I’ve ever used. I carried this one every day for over 2 years and it looks brand new. It keeps your drink piping hot, or ice cold for a super long time! The only gripe I have is the coffee lid isn’t my favorite. If you have the $$ go for the wide mouth flex cap and you’ll be much happier in the long run. 

Love my Hydro Flask! I used this one to carry tea every day to school/work.

10. Bushcraft Fire Starter Leather Necklace 

What is a perfect way to carry a way to make fire with you every where that won’t leak, works when it’s hot/cold/wet/etc? A ferro rod! It’s good for any outdoors person to practice making a fire without matches and a lighter, and this one is a good way to practice and look cool at the same time. 

The Bushcraft Necklace by WAZOO Survival Gear

Okay that’s all for now folks! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas season! Tag me on social media if you gift one of these gifts, it’s fun to find out who is getting outside and having fun! 


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