by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 5

Hurray!! The History channel has finally announced that the Alone Show will be airing again for season 5 on June 14th, 2018! They just revealed some of the contestants in a commercial preview, so I’m starting my social media list post early this time. It’s going to be so hard this round to know who to root for as I love all of these contestants. I wish they all could win! Season 5 is the redemption season, so they are bringing back contestants from previous seasons who didn’t win to try again in a new location – Mongolia! These guys and gals are brave and crazy haha!

Please comment below if I’m missing anything!

Sam Larson (Season 1)

 WebsiteYouTubeFacebookTwitter Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Britt Ahart (Season 3)

 Twitter / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Larry Roberts (Season 2)

 Website / YouTubeFacebook / Twitter / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Dave Nessia (Season 3)

YouTubeInstagram / Alone Show Bio 

Randy Champagne (Season 2)

 WebsiteFacebook / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Brooke Whipple (Season 4)

 WebsiteYouTube / Facebook / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Jesse Bosdell (Season 4)

Alone Show Bio

Nicole Apelian (Season 2)

Website / Website 2 / YouTubeFacebook / Twitter Instagram / Alone Show Bio 

Brad Richardson (Season 4)

 WebsiteYouTube / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Carleigh Fairchild (Season 3)

 Facebook / Website / Instagram / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

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