by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 2

Guys, I’ve been pretty obsessed with History Channel’s Alone Show lately!  For those of you that don’t know, Alone is a survival reality show where 10 contestants are sent to survive by themselves (hence the name Alone) for as long as they can in the wilderness. Whoever lasts the longest, wins the $500,000 prize. The first two seasons have been located on Vancouver Island, an island in the Pacific Northwest (more specifically, Canada) known for it’s cold, wet weather. It’s one of the closest to realistic shows out there as far as it comes to wilderness survival and is absolutely fascinating to watch.

Anyway, for those of us who get sucked into the show, it’s quite fun to look up the contestants online and see what they do outside of the show. A lot of the contestants run wilderness survival schools or post awesome videos on YouTube, yet I cannot find a centralized location where you can easily navigate to their social media profiles. I am going to do my best in this post to maintain an updated list for y’all so that you can easily follow these people online.

Please comment if you find a link that can be added to this list!

P.S. This post was originally season 1 and 2 but season 1 now has it’s own post here.

David McIntyre

WebsiteYouTube Facebook 1 / Facebook 2 / TwitterInstagram / Alone Show Bio

Larry Roberts

Website / YouTubeFacebookTwitter / Instagram / Alone Show Bio

Jose Martinez Amoedo

Website / InstagramTwitter / Alone Show Bio


Nicole Apelian

Website / Website 2YouTubeFacebook / TwitterInstagram / Alone Show Bio


Mike Lowe

WebsiteYouTubeFacebookTwitterInstagram / Alone Show Bio

Randy Champagne

WebsiteFacebookInstagram / Alone Show Bio

Justin Vititoe

Twitter Instagram / YouTube / Alone Show Bio

Tracy Wilson

Alone Show Bio


Mary Kate Green

Alone Show Bio


Desmond White

Alone Show Bio

Photo credits: History Channel

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