by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone: The Beast – Contestant Social Media List

Check it out! There’s a new spin-off show produced by the same folks that produce the Alone show! It’s called “Alone: The Beast” and History channel kinda just dropped this one outta nowhere for us to watch while we anxiously wait for season 7 of Alone.

It’s important to note – this show is a completely separate show from Alone.

It was a bit confusing at first – but here’s a description of the show if you haven’t seen it yet:

Alone: The Beast is a show that features 3 contestants who must work together to survive for 30 days in a remote wilderness area with NO TOOLS. The only “tool” provided is a large, dead animal (killed humanely right before they start) that they must live off of and create everything they need to live the 30 days. Each episode features a different team and showcases their full 30 day experience. They do have a film crew, but no additional assistance.

It’s a really neat concept for a show because it pushes the limit of what primitive skills and creativity you need to live with nothing but the clothes on your back. The format has received a lot of criticism but despite the flaws (mostly perceived because the title “Alone” is quite misleading) it’s very interesting. One episode for 30 days seems very compressed, there is a lot to learn from these people’s experience.

I’m definitely intrigued enough to keep watching – so just like I have done for every season of the original Alone show – I’d like to gather links of the contestant’s social media profiles for this show too. That way fans can find these people online and interact with them further. These folks have so much more cool stuff going on in their lives that they share. Check em out below, and comment if I missed anything! Thank you.

Episode 1 – Beast or Famine

Lindsay Persico

Website / Facebook Page / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube

Zane Kraetsch

Website / Facebook Page / Instagram

Joe Shilling

Facebook Page

Episode 2 – Ticking Time Bomb

Ben Jonas

Nate Weber


Robert Edwards

Website / Facebook Page

Episode 3 – Burnt Out

Anne Corbin


Phillip Liebel

Website / Instagram / YouTube / Facebook

Shane Neal


Episode 4 – Trail of Blood

Amy Schmidt

Website / Instagram

Nathan Mitchell


Jason Smith

Facebook / Instagram

Episode 5 –

Rick Spicer

Jason Salyer

Hudson Taylor

Episode 6 – Tainted Water

Donny Dust

Shawn Christan

Matt Hayden

Episode 7 – Swamp of Suffering




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