by Captain Airyca
by Captain Airyca

Alone Show Contestants Social Media List – Season 3

Heck yes!! Season 3 of the Alone Show is finally here! The first episode will air December 8th, 2016 on the History channel. (They also post the episodes online for those of us without TVs.) Just in case you don’t know, Alone is a survival show where 10 contestants spend as long as they can in the wilderness, and whoever survives the longest wins $500,000. The first two seasons were located on Vancouver island, but this season they’ve moved the show to Patagonia, South America. This location presents a variety of new challenges and wildlife for the contestants that they may not have experienced before.

If you notice I’m missing a link for someone, please comment below and let me know. Thank you!


Zachary Fowler

WebsiteYouTubeTwitterFacebook / Instagram / Alone Show Bio 


Carleigh Fairchild

Website / Instagram / YouTubeFacebook / Alone Show Bio


Megan Hanacek

 Twitter / Alone Show Bio


Dave Nessia

 YouTube / Instagram / Alone Show Bio


Callie North

 Website / YouTube / Instagram / Alone Show Bio


Greg Ovens

 Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Alone Show Bio


Dan Wowak

WebsiteYouTubeTwitterInstagram / Alone Show Bio 


Britt Ahart

 Twitter / Instagram / Alone Show Bio


Zachary Gault

 YouTubeInstagram / Alone Show Bio


Jim Shields

Facebook / TwitterInstagram / Alone Show Bio 

If you notice I’m missing a link for someone, please comment below and let me know! Thank you!

Photo credits: History Channel

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